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Latest Updates

Lost Wallet Reported - Novi Or Lovinia Area, Michigan

Lost Engagement Ring Reported - Clearwater Beach, Florida

Added 2 new members

Added 1 new member

Lost Wedding Ring Reported - Carlsbad, California

Added 2 new members

Report a Lost Item Here...

If you've lost something outdoors and would like a volunteer metal detectorist to help you search for it for FREE, just send us a Lost Item Report by completing the form below.

Upon receiving your Lost Item Report, we'll forward it to our volunteers and if any of them are near your location and can help, they'll email or telephone you to discuss how to best proceed.

No matter where you lost your item, go out right now and mark the exact location where you think you lost it!!! Use a wooden stake or a tent peg or whatever you can find, just mark the spot with something that will hopefully still be there when someone comes to search with you. Remembering exactly where you were when you lost your item gets really difficult as time passes, so marking the spot right away greatly increases the odds of successfully finding it later!

If you lost your item at your own home, don't do anything that could potentially increase the difficulty of finding it. Hold off mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, or tilling the garden. Don't put out the trash, give anything to the Good Will, wash the clothes in the hamper, or run the garbage disposal. Any of these actions could greatly complicate finding your item!

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